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Red-Eyes Nightmare Dragon

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Red-Eyes Nightmare Dragon

Red-Eyes Nightmare Dragon

DARK / Dragon / Effect / XYZ RANK 7

3 Level 7 Dragon-type

this card is not afected by Spell/Trap cards. Once per turn, during either player(s) turn, you can detatch 1 xyz material from this card; send 1 monster on the field to the graveyard. Once per turn you can target 1 "Red-Eyes" monster on your hand or graveyard with less that 2800 ATK and special summon it, but it cannot attack to your opponent life points directly this turn. If this card is destroyed; you can Special summon 1 Normal monster from your Graveyard. ATK 2800 DEF 2400


hope you like it and any help would be welcome

Red-Eyes Nightmare Dragon XYZ.jpg

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