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Ultimate Crystal God Rainbow Over Dragon type change and new Crystal Beast support cards

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Ultimate Crystal God Rainbow Over Dragon type change and new Crystal Beast support cards

So a few days ago, finally Ultimate Crystal God Rainbow Over Dragon made it's way into YGOPRO 1 and YGOPRO 2. I think it's a great card overall. However there's one thing that really bugs me and I guess I even know the reasons behind it: Upon release in YGOPRO 1(and all other simulators I know of), Rainbow Over Dragon was of course Dragon type. This means he could be Fusion Summoned with Dragon's Mirror(DM) as I even tried out multiple times and it worked. Now we got the 2 support cards Rainbow Bridge(RB) and Ultimate Crystal Formation(UCF). 2 great great additions to the Crystal Beast deck that make it very strong overall. However since Ultimate Crystal formation fuses Rainbow Over Dragon by using Crystal Beast from anywhere(field(even S&T Zone), hand and deck) and sends all the materials to the GY it means that with UCF+DM you get either:


2 Fusion Summoned Rainbow Over Dragons that have 8k ATK and can both hard remove the entire field

easy access to Rank 10

1 Rainbow Over Dragon that immediately clears the entire field and then with DM you simply get another for a free 4k direct attack nobody can protect himself from


Also UCF can be searched with the new RB. All in all I think although that is strong it is certainly not too strong. However and here is the thorn in my eye: 


It seems as if Konami totally forgot about Dragon's Mirror because yesterday afternoon(and still today), Rainbow Over Dragons type at least in YGOPRO 1 was changed from Dragon into "???". The only thinkable reason for this is that they don't want us to be able to fuse him by DM. I tried it out and although the card image still says it is a Dragon, since the card info states it's a "???" type monster you cannot use DM anymore. Again it seems as if they completely forgot about their own cards from years ago and now make lots of bullshit to cover that up. Because I highly doubt that this is an issue of the YGOPRO programmers as they already had him be a Dragon before and everything worked fine and I don't think that all of a sudden it's type starts bugging(also I know how to LUA code cards and theres no way they could mess that)

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