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DataEditorX (DEX)

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DataEditorX (DEX)

DataEditorX is a program that can read an SQL database such as the cards.cdb that YGOPro uses. It has several functions to add, modify, or delete cards. It also has the capability of generating a MagicSetEditor (MSE) set to create card proxies automatically in the language of the database given. It also can read an MSE set to extract all artwork and store them inside a folder. This program is used for the HQ Project.

Author: KeYongYu, 

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  • Added Link Support
  • Added Series 10 Support
  • Compatible with my MSE for HQ Project



  • Create and edit card databases.
  • Compare, copy and paste card records across databases easily.
  • Read card records from ygopro decks(.ydk file) or card picture folders(eg. pics folder of ygooro).
  • Create and edit card scripts(.lua file).
  • Export and import MSE sets.


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