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Yu-Gi-Oh! VI

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VI

http://yugioh6.xyz (the dark side of dimensions is there : ) )
1# Best Website currently online for Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! All Series Dubbed+Subbed, All movies, Manga, Season 0 as well as the Abrigaded Series. This site is made to be the fastest way to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! with fastest updates. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episodes will be here before anywhere else because other anime sites focus on other anime so Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't the priority for them, but for us Yu-Gi-Oh! is the Priority! You will be notified immidietly when we upload new episodes on our website on discord, that's whats so great about discord!

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I haven't been around for a long time so I just saw this...

It's "abridged", not "abrigaded".

The "P" in "Priority" should have been lowercase.

It's "immediately", not "immidietly".

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