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We are an online community of duelists for turn-based strategy games. This is the home of the game, YGO Omega, an automatic and manual Yu-Gi-Oh simulator made in Unity. Find developers, artists, judges, youtubers, and duelists here. Our website is

YGO Omega

Post here about anything related to YGO Omega, the simulator. You can also post about YGOPro related projects, scripts, development and related things.


This section is for hosting and organizing Tournaments. The subcategories are Official and Unofficial Tournaments. Please use one of those categories.

Dorm Wars

This is a Free-For-All Elimination-type war format where each player has 2 Lives. The war continues until a team has no more available players to war. (_ Note: _ Due to this format using multiple lives there are special substation rules. Any player that is subbed out _ cannot _ be substituted back in regardless of the opposing leader approves it. Also, any eliminated player cannot be substituted into the war.)